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Half Folded Leaflet

If you need more than a couple of sides of paper to talk about part of your business but don’t want to print a catalogue, our leaflets are the ideal halfway-house solution. From 120gsm paper to 300gsm card, we’ve got a finish and feel to suit everyone.


Tri Folded Leaflet

When folded to a DL this is the popular choice for businesses from restaurants to beauty salons. Our tri fold leaflets are available in three fold types; roll-fold, z-fold and gate fold. They are extremely versatile and can be used for menus, maps and magazine inserts to name a few. Available in a full range of stocks and finishes.


Cross Folded Leaflet

Cross fold leaflets are a great way to showcase your creativity. They offer a unique canvas for your ideas and allow you to incorporate different design elements onto eight panels. With cross fold leaflets, the possibilities are endless.